Bodhgaya Tours Package


Bodh Gaya is a place of pilgrimage and religious Bodh Gaya Mahabodhi Temple Complex Gaya district of Indian state Bihar. It is known as the place of Gautama Buddha, and that he had received enlightenment (Bodhi Mandala). Buddhagaya not attract as much tending to the world famous or Agra Ajanta, but later it became a significant and interesting place due to a longer and more complete history than almost any other place in the sub-continent. In its history, addendum by geographical, archaeological and literary sources from China, Tibet, Burma and Sri Lanka: History Buddhagaya more interesting by the participation of some of Asia's biggest personalities from King Asoka Hiuen Tsang and Edwin Arnold to Anagarika Dharmapala. The reputation Buddhagaya as holy place, where Buddha achieved Sambodhi goes back to very early times, giving it a religious significance. There is no evidence that the Buddha never returned Uruvela. However, as well as his teachings spread and attracted more followers, some people began to see the place where their teacher had reached enlightenment.

Buddhagaya place of attraction for the whole world and groups of Buddhist pilgrims and visitors come to visit it all year round, to pay some of their honor and idolatry of this great edifice, and some come and see this great building and history. Buddhagaya persist cynosure of the Buddhist world until the 13th century, due to the sudden political upheavals that took place in and outside India, were also interrupted and disrupted the activities of Buddhagaya. The place was deserted and uninhabited, and it remained neglected and forgotten for several centuries. The main attraction for pilgrims to Bodh Gaya in Vajrasana and the other six areas where the remains of the Buddha. Another attraction was a statue in the Mahabodhi Temple Mahabodhi Image, who believes that he was the exact image of Buddha. This well-known legend about the origin of the statue. When the temple was built, it was decided that the statue, but not for a long time to find a sculpture can be good enough.