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Patna is the capital and second largest city in the Indian state of Bihar in Eastern India (in terms of population). Patna is one of the quondam ceaselessly inhabited sites in the world. Patna called Pataliputra the capital of Bihar is one of the world's oldest capital cities with unplowed history of many centuries as royal urban center. A curved piece of fertile land along the banks of the Ganga. The history and hereditary of modern days Patna and return more than two millennia, and on that day, the capital of the state as the Ruler of each move up to power and accomplished dynastic aura, he names his new capital. Thus, the antediluvian Kusumpura transform through Pushpapura, Pataliputra, Azeemabad and now into Patna, a uninterrupted history from BC 6 th century to represent in several metropolis in the world record claim is that Ajatshatru Magadha king who first built a small palace in Pataligram - on the Ganga 6 - th century, which later efflorescence into the antediluvian glory still to be seen Kumrahar the contiguous archaeological location.


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